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 Create an Incredible Life after 50: Taking out the old, putting in the new, 3 steps to ageless living


Just when they told you, you were too old to learn new tricks, the tables have turned! It is time to break out of thinking about life after 50 and move with boldness into a brand new way of living with passion and purpose. Join Jo Caywood to learn 3 key steps that will start you moving to an incredible life.

 Create an Incredible Life after 50: A Series of Fortunate Topics   

 Eastern/NY. Tuition: Free
Led by Jo Caywood
We hear and buy cards with sayings such as "you're over the hill", etc. Now learn about possibility aging and opportunities that come with aging. We will explore aging,creativity, and ways to enhance your life. This series of introductory calls form an emphasis for future programs. Learn: Ways to jumps start your creativity. Focusing on your strengths enhances creativity. Creativity helps you move into an incredible future. This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about creativity and living life to it's fullest.
Current Status: Available.
E-mail jo@lifequestcoach.com
   for more information




Coaching sessions:

I offer a FREE 25 minute Collaborative Interview. No matter what the outcome it will be time well spent.E-mail jo@thereitermentenvironment.com to set up a Free Collaborative Interview.


Individual Coaching Sessions and Prices

4-50 minute  Phone Coaching Sessions per month- $400  
 2-50 minute Coaching Sessions per month- $250  

I offer email support between sessions as well as open office hours (first come first served basis) each week for a 2 hour period with calls limited to 20 minutes

Email jo@theretirementenvironment.com  for a complementary collaborative interview.

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