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Stages of life development




Did you know that thoughout life you go through different developmenatal stages. Do you know what developmental stage you are in right now? Do you sometimes wonder what is going on with a friend or family member?

Here is your chance to learn about developmental stages. Wonder how this is going to help you now?  You will be able to reminisce about what you went through earlier in your life, what is going on now, where you are going and how to make the most of it. You will also learn about the stages you will want to look forward to going through. Now you are over 45 you have an opportunity to be more creative, share your wisdom and live life on your own terms.                                            

The Task

This webquest is designed to take you on a journey of self. You will learn the stages of development people generally go through. It is normal to skip around between the stages or sometimes move ahead then go back a few steps.

Because of a trauma, illness or some other crisis people sometimes get stuck into one stage or just skip that stage until much later.

In this quest you will become knowledgeable about the different stages of life development.You will be able to identify stages you've already gone through and some yet to come. You will also be able to evaluate some of the tasks that were easy for you and those you may need to go back and accomplish.

The Process

First you will learn the developmental stages of childhood. There is usually some overlap in developmental growth stages. There are parts that work well throughout life and there are parts that need to be left behind at some point. The age guide lines are only a general guide.

Next you will learn about the stages of adult development. These stages are just being written although research is still ongoing. Previously it was thought that adults did not have much to look forward to in later life. Now research is proving that unless we have abused our bodies or have an unfortunate illness, you can look forward to new areas of growth and develop new aspects of yourself.


Eric Erickson's description of developmental stages and conflicts he believed to manifest in each stage.


Jean Piaget

Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development-this is an example of how an indivdual develops a values and a moral vue of their family, communtiy, and the world.


Gene Cohen

Conclusion (Evaluation)

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