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It's your turn now! Create An Incredible Life!

The Retirement Environment

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  • What if you could create and live the life you really wanted?
  • What if you could find purpose and meaning in your life?
  • How would it feel to thrive in the second half of life and not mearly survive?
  • What if you could release blocks that  are holding you back

Learn how your thoughts impact what you are and what you have.

Learn what areas of your life need more attention.

Identify what is causing resistence to keeping you from your dreams.

The Retirement Environment offers personal and professional coaching to help answer the questions of what do I do to get more out of life, work and relationships. Many times we think the answers to these questions lie out side of ourselves but when we look closer we find the answers begin within us.


"No matter what stage of life you are in, everyone needs to think  about  their future. Life stage coaching helps one to examine their present and  future needs and set proirities. I would recommend this program. Be prepared." A. White-Milledgeville, Ga.

"Jo was able to use her expertise and her life experiences to give suggestions on the "how to's" begin this new phase of my life. I would suggest using a coach in any area of concern that one may feel is a potential source of stress. My coach has helped me to start thinking about life after the 9-5 life . She gave me additional reading materials to reinforce our session. She was a great help."   C.Webster-Social Worker-Macon, Ga.

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 Do you want to see a difference in your life or do you want the same issues and results 3 weeks or 2 months from now? Start now to live the life you want click here to email me or call for a free exploratory session!

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E-mail Jo at jo@theretirementenvironment.com or Call The Retirement Environment
at (478) 477-0771 today!

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